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Post by Mike[HA] on Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:23 am

1. No RDM (random deathmatch).
2. NLR is 2 minutes.
3. The only jobs that can raid are mob bosses, gangsters, thieves, and cp.
4. The only jobs that may mug people are mob bosses, gangsters, and thieves.
5. The minimum amount of players you need to raid is 3 for mob bosses, gangsters, thieves, and 2 for CP.
6. When there is no mayor the default laws are: a)Only pistols and shotguns are legal. Any weapon higher than a pistol is KOS or AOS. b) All weapons must be holstered in public. Unholstered weapons are KOS or AOS. c) CP may use any
 weapon and may have their weapons unholstered at any time.d) The mayor may change these laws as long as he puts them on the lawboard. e) The default laws on the lawboard may not be changed at any time.
7. You may have up to 2 keypaded fading doors to get into your base.
8. You may have 2 keypaded small safes in your base or 1 keypaded storage container.
9. No fading door abuse.
10. The minimum amount of seconds all keypaded fading doors must stay open on access granted is 8 seconds.
11. You may propblock any doors or windows to your base as long as there is 1 way in.
12. When you are building, you may propblock your base until you are done building, but you must have a building sign visible to players.
13. CP may be corrupt CP only to a certain point. The only thing they can do to be corrupted is to have money printers. If they are found with the money printers other CP can take action against them or they can be demoted for reason, "corrupt CP".
14. Mercenaries may not raid and may not do hits or assasinations. Their job is to accept fighting jobs or recon missions. They can also be hired to help a gang or team.
15. The killer job may kill someone at random once every 10 minutes but must use the melee weapons he is given (knife or machete). The killer may not use guns or explosives to kill someone at random.<br>
  The killer may also do single man raiding without guns to sneak his way into a base to hide and wait to kill someone who comes in.
16. Medics may assist mob bosses, theives, gansgters, CP, in raids only by healing, not by fighting.
17. Gun dealers must build a gun shop, they may not base. They also may not be a mobile gun store.
18. There is no building in the streets at all. This includes props hovering over the street.
19. No trolling or minging allowed.
20. No cussing, disgusting, inapproriate, etc, chat allowed.
21. Disrespecting an admin will get you a ban.
22. Words like swag, yolo, lel, etc, are not allowed in the server.
23. No prop spamming, surfing, killing, etc.
24. No skybases allowed.
25. No KOS lines allowed.
26. Scripting or hacking will get you a perma ban.
27. No racism allowed on the server.
28. No porn or disgusting sprays allowed on the server.
29. This server allows younger players to play so do not be mean or disrespecful to the younger players.
30. Admins have final say on everything.


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